Dead Silent Lawn Care

We are Unique

Our lawn care services offer an alternative to our gas powered competitors.  Other companies use traditional gas powered mowers which are extremely detrimental to the environment. We set out in order to make a difference in reducing our carbon footprint.


We understand the sound of traditional lawn care companies is a disturbance to our valued customers, their neighbors, and natures harmony. Thats why we use electric and manual  tools, never gas. Our dedication to silence and the environment is what makes us unique.

Located in Athens, Ga.

We service Athens, Ga and surrounding areas. Our team is born and raised in Athens. We have a deep connection with our town and community. We take pride in our city. We strive to improve our town, reduce noise pollution, and carbon emissions.

Our Mission

At Dead Silent Lawn Care we use innovative electric equipment and environmentally-friendly methods that are substantially quieter than traditional gas-powered alternatives, and we produce no on-site pollutants, or emissions making us a healthier and greener choice for your home and the planet.

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